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Personal Development

Do you have a personal development plan for a fulfilling, satisfying and abundant life? 

Connecting up the dormant pieces of your biosphere to help you become more aware of your own success.

  • Reactivating Yourself
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Getting your time back
  • Creating and Reaching Goals


A life that is vibrant, exciting and makes you jump out of bed spring loaded to embrace the day?





Or do you have parts of your life which are going ok but deep down, right down there in your hidden emotional void you are yearning for the abundance that you know you should be having. Do you have a feeling that something is missing in your life?


Maybe you bought the Law of Attraction book, maybe you have read it? Maybe you have put it into practise?


But you have been missing a vital link. The missing link that opens your eyes to the abundance in your life. 


You’re a good person and you try really hard to be a better person, but there is something not working for you ..... yet.


Surely there is a better way?

There is and I call it the "The Elixir Of Life - The Very Essence of Living Better Than Life"
I will, if you let me, help you by guiding you so you have a clear vision for yourself. A lifestyle "Blueprint" that will enable you to achieve your lifestyle.
What you are looking for is a personal development, an individual development plan for self improvement to get the "ZING" back in your life.
With any area of your life, you can develop the right road map for success. If you have some part of you that's open to the idea that you are somehow holding yourself back? This is a brand new way of looking at life. You will see the Challenges for what they are and also the Beauty of life again, if you are willing to embrace your new future and start seeing your improvement is the first step in changing your life. 

 Live for now, Life is for Living!




Goal Setting

Crushing your goals and achieving success. 

You must have a list of all the goals that you want to achieve. 
It has been proven through studies that people who jot down their goals have higher ability of accomplishing their tasks rather than those who only list such goals in their minds. People who don’t have a list of their goals are more likely to withdraw from the achievement process. 
Before reaching your desired goals in life, setting them up first will help you have a long term view of existence. It lets you concentrate and focus more on the long tenure objectives as it gives you the chance to think on how your present actions will affect your life in the near future. The things that you are doing nowadays in order to develop yourself will surely determine who you will be and what kind of life are you going to have in the future. This is something that you should acquire as you go along with the process of attaining your goals and people must have an apparent mind set about goal-obtaining.
Have a targeted approach.

Everyone has their own dreams and goals in life.
But it is very evident that most people just keep on dreaming and never tries to do something in order to attain those dreams. 
What they is just keep on looking back and miss the opportunities as they make the same goals all over again. 
You need to do something in order to make your goals come true.



What are your Goals ?



Do you want to improve your health? do you want to get fit and healthy?


Would you like to get a special partner in your life? Could your relationship get better? what about other people in your life?


Do you want to get more money? What could you do with more money? would you like to start your own business?


Do you want more time with your family and friends?


What dreams do you have?



Maybe it is to be at Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia at New Years Eve?.




1) Your goals should be original, individual and yours.
2) Your goals should be inspirational enough so the thought of it drags you out of bed each morning.
3) Your goals should be harmonious in nature. All your goals must be according to your perspectives and dreams in life. They must not contradict one another.
4) The goals of you must be realistic in nature.

They may take a year or more to achieve or you might score next week……


Maybe you want to have a holiday in Fiji?

Write them down now:

My Ultimate Goal -  What is your ultimate Elixir of Life goal?

Ultimate Reason - WHY do you want it ? 

Ultimate 1 Year Goal - What do I want to achieve in 1 year?

My Personal Individual Development Plan Example:



My Ultimate Goal 



 The Freedom to choose a Lifestyle doing what I love,


 and loving what I do.



 Ultimate Reason  



The choice to work where and when I want to,


whilst contributing in a meaningful way.



 Ultimate 1 Year Goal 


Change my life and become successful in my chosen field,
to choose Excellence rather than accept Mediocrity.


Example To Do
1.       Get Fit
2.       Sort out my Finances
3.       Travel more – or just start to travel!
4.       Drink the right fluids
5.       Spend more time with my family
6.       Write a personal development plan
7.       Don’t accept mediocrity rather aim for excellence

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